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Training Aids


Long Lines (Leashes):

Extra long length - available in 15 or 30 feet.  Nylon webbing remains light even when wet.  Excellent for training nosework, tracking, recalls, etc. or providing freedom for a dog without a well developed recall. 


Slip Leash:

A 6 foot leash and collar all in one.  Excellent for agility, shows, kennels or to keep in the car as a spare.


Combo Collar (Martingale or Limited Slip):

Designed to prevent a dog from 'backing out' of its collar, the combo has a limited slip action.


No-Pull Harness:

Designed for use as a training tool, use a pull-and-release action, so that your pull turns the dog from the direction he's going, towards you.  Immediately, as he is redirected, release the pull, so the lead is slack.  This tool works best with a 2' or 4' leash.

Watch a demonstration using this harness at the following link:

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